Joshua Tree National Park

My cousins from Chicago flew into San Diego and they always wanted to see Joshua Tree National Park, so we made a quick run up there this Presidents Day weekend.

We were on a very compressed timeline, but we packed a lot into just under 24 hours, completing the Park Boulevard loop from the town of Joshua Tree to Twentynine Palms, heading down to Keys View, and then exiting the park to the south through the Cottonwood entrance station.

This was a good photo recon trip for me, and I’ll definitely go back to explore more. Enjoy!


3 responses to “Joshua Tree National Park”

  1. The very first one is my favorite, snow showers. It has a very eerie look. All of them have something special to offer.

    1. Thanks, Jim. I agree with you about the mood. Sadly, it was a quick cell phone shot (my DSLR was buried in the trunk amongst the luggage—I should have dug it out).

      1. I don’t know, cell phones are pretty good now. Regardless, it’s a great shot. You have a different eye from me. I really like your pictures, but they’re not the ones I would have taken

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