Photography has been more than a passing interest of mine for nearly four decades, with the occasional drought when my full-time career took me away from the viewfinder. Landscape and nature are where my heart is when it comes to photography, but I’ve also documented my travels through photography as well. You can see some of my work on my travel blog, Travelin’ Dan.

I began my photographic odyssey around 1980 on a Canon A-1 35 mm SLR, and that was my workhorse camera as I honed my skills. In 2007, I made the leap with my first point-and-shoot digital camera, and quickly fell in love with its immediate feedback.  Just look at the display, and you see what you have right there. If it’s not good, try again.  In 2010, I upgraded to the world of DSLR cameras and didn’t start working with post-processing until 2017 (late bloomer).

My hope is to pique your interest and inspire you to experience the subjects of my photographs first-hand and, if that’s not possible, to bring the world to you through my work.

The one thing I’ve learned over the years is that I can always keep learning more about the medium and the technology. Observe. Learn. Advance.

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Here’s a map with some of my photo locations:

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